In-depth Review – FT Scoria

Scoria, Fanstoys’ edition to the 3P Masterpiece-sized world and their first of a new line of MP level Not-Dinobots has been out in the wild for a few weeks now.  If you weren’t one of the early-adopters and have been waiting for the reviews to come in Maz, TFSource blogger and Transformers Collector, has posted an incredibly in-depth review of Scoria.
Exploring not only the high points of this second entry into the MP-level figure realm by Fanstoys, Maz takes a look at the various complaints and issues some people have had with the figure.  He also includes a very detailed look at the differences between the Cartoon, Toy, and Fiction Slag and how that impacted some of the design choices.  Head on over to TFSource to read the full review and ogle at the great pictures as well