Images of Upcoming Transformers Product from Takara Tomy – In Package Images of Legends Commander Collection, MP Wheeljack, TRU Exclusive Rusty Optimus, and More!

Want to start the morning off with a glimpse at some upcoming Takara Tomy product? The user Oreryu on Twitter and 北马伊斯力 on one of China’s biggest social media sites, Weibo, have provided us with just that! He’s snagged a small gallery of images of a Takara Tomy display featuring in-package figures like Toys R Us exclusive Rusty Optimus Prime Evasion Mode,  Transformers Expo exclusives Nemesis Prime and black Grimlock, the entire first wave of the Transformers Legends Commander Collection including G1 Optimus Prime, Age of Extinction Optimus Prime, Optimus Primal, and Lio Convoy, and last be not least – Masterpiece Wheeljack! Also amongst the images is one of a loose Lost Age/Age of Extinction Snarl for you Dinobot lovers out there.
Click here and here to check out the images, or see them below: