Images from Summer Wonder Festival 2014 – Kotobukiya D Style Prime, Gigantic Action Scorponok and Black Zarak

Looking for even more toy news after the surge of SDCC 2014 coverage the last few days? Summer Wonderfest 2014 is going on right now in Japan, and there are some cool things to look at on display there as well! First up, and hard to miss, are the Gigantic Action Mega Zarak (Scorponok) and Black Zarak from Sentinel. These two massive action figures stand just under two feet tall (putting them at the same size as G1 Fortress Maximus) and capture the character models for the two Decepticons almost perfectly.
Next is the Kotobukiya D Style Optimus Prime, which was teased before the convention but now we get a good look at the figure as well as its accessories – which include an alternate hand, ax, and miniature vehicle mode truck!
Lastly are two more non-converting figures – these from Fetwure Models – of Generation 1 Arcee and Elita-1
Check out @YamadaxTakahiro’s tweets for the images or see them mirrored below: