Iacon Gallery Spotlight: Crosshairs Productions’ “Broken Mirror” stop-motion movie

Here in the Allspak’s Iacon Art Gallery, we’ve said we welcome and enjoy a multitude of creative efforts and projects. Today’s spotlight falls on an interesting fan-made stop-motion movie by Crosshairs Productions utilizing ideas set forth by the Transformers Collectors Club’s “Shattered Glass” property.
In it we follow the adventures of Decepticon Treadshot as he has to deal with a number of unfamiliar situations including a really neat twist on the Pretender concept. This film takes toys from a number of different lines including Classics and Prime, Lego mini-figs and sets, as well as some nicely-done customs all to bring the story to life. Add in some really nice voice work and an engaging story and it’s well worth your time.

Head on over to the thread in Iacon to check out the movie, currently in three parts and be sure to show your appreciation for all the hard work that surely went into this by engaging in the discussion.