Iacon Gallery Spotlight — Boltax’ Kre-O Space Bridge

The creativity and skill of individuals who play with Lego, Kre-O, and associated brick toys never ceases to amaze me. And our very own Boltax has made a MONSTER of a build.
Boltax has made a Kre-O representation of Straxus’ space bridge as it appeared in Marvel Comics’ TRANSFORMERS series, issue #18’s “The Bridge to Nowhere!” And not content to simply make the general structure and shape of the bridge as seen from outside, he created multiple rooms and playsets within the build of the bridge itself to add to its play value! The amount of time, imagination and creativity that this took staggers the imagination.
Head on over to the ongoing thread in our Iacon Art Gallery and join the discussion, ask for additional pictures, and/or drool with envy.