How does a Hasbro Movie Happen?

Bringing Transformers and G.I. Joe to the big screen may have been a no-brainer, but did you ever wonder how the Battleship movie got made? With film adaptations of Hasbro properties including Jem and Magic: the Gathering on the way, the Business Insider went looking for the answers!

In an interview with John Frascotti, Hasbro’s Chief Marketing Officer, Business Insider writer Kirsten Acuna dug in and found out what it takes to get a Hasbro property to the silver screen:

“We look for those brands that have story and character at their foundation because inevitably for any type of storytelling format, whether it’s a movie, a television show, a digital comic … it has to have great story and great characters at it’s foundation,” says Frascotti.

“When you look at brands like Transformers and G.I. Joe they actually have a lot of lore and storytelling behind them already. So, in the case of Transformers, it’s a 30-year-old brand and it had a long history of storytelling,” said Frascotti. “Very similar, G.I. Joe who was founded in the ’60s. Since then there’s been a lot of storytelling and development in terms of comic books and television shows and movies and all types of rich storytelling. In those cases, where there’s already a lot of storytelling in place, I think the roadmap is a little more evident.”

The article points out that while Battleship failed to score a hit at the box office, that misfire only temporarily sunk Hasbro’s enthusiasm for board game movies. Having learned from that experience, they’re now moving forward with projects based on Candy Land and Ouija. The fate of the proposed Hungry Hungry Hippos movie is not addressed.
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