Hi-Res Scans of MP Star Saber from Transformers Masterpiece Official Guide

The Allspark has received their copy of villagebooks’ The Transformers:  Masterpiece Official Guide, which we’ve covered the contents earlier today, and has scanned in an image of the prototype of the upcoming Masterpiece Star Saber figure.  The images show off the figure in his super robot (Star Saber) mode, his normal robot mode (Saber), as well as both robot’s vehicle modes.  If you look closely at some of the vehicle mode images, you can make out what appears to be the Brain of Courage sitting in the cockpit.
The book features an in-depth look at the designs and concept work for every Masterpiece figure released thus far as well as images of upcoming Masterpiece figures MP-20 Wheeljack, MP-21 Bumble(bee), MP-22 Ultra Magnus, and MP Star Saber.  As mentioned in our earlier news article it features never-before-seen images and design work and is perfect book for fans of the Masterpiece series.
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