Hi-Res Images of Transformers Legends Tankor, Roadbuster, and Whirl

Amazon.co.jp have also updated their listings for the upcoming Transformers Legends releases of Tankor, Roadbuster, and Whirl from Takara Tomy. With these updates come larger images meaning we get to see what truly sets them apart from their Hasbro brethren! As noted before, Tankor has more metallic paint on his head and limbs as well as a silver stripe on the end of his gun barrel. The images now confirm that he is missing his Vehicon symbol however. Roadbuster has slightly brighter colors, his gunmetal paint replaced with black, his silver paint replaced with gunmetal, clear green visor instead of an opaque visor, and orange upper legs instead of orange with green inner thighs. Whirl has added darker blue paint around his canopy and on his feet
Check out the listings on Amazon.co.jp for the images:
LG-03 Tankor
LG-04 Roadbuster
LG-05 Whirl
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