Hero-X/Million Publishing Transformers Generations 2014 Voting Results Revealed

As fans are most likely aware, Million Publishing have been running a poll in which the next Hero-X Transformers Generations exclusive figure would be decided. The choices were all fairly interesting: Alpha Trion from Generations Scourge, The Fallen from Generations Onslaught, Sunstreaker Police Type from Universe Sunstreaker, Smokescreen (G2) from Universe Smokescreen, Autobot Drift Black Vers. from Generations Drift, Overdrive from Universe Prowl, Downshift from Universe Wheeljack, Camshaft from universe Ironhide, Beast Wars Silverbolt from Beast Hunters Grimwing, and GoShooter from Generations Bumblebee/Nightbeat. Today, Million Publishing have posted the final results!

  1. GoShooter = 29.3%
  2. Alpha Trion = 28.9%
  3. Metals Silverbolt =14.8%
  4. Autobot Drift Black Ver. = 12.7%
  5. The Fallen = 5.0%
  6. Sunstreaker Police Type =3.8%
  7. Smokescreen and Overdrive (Tie) = 2.9%
  8. Downshift (Camshaft) = 1.6%
  9. Camshaft (Downshift) = 1.0%

The winner is GoShooter! This may come as a bit of a surprise as halfway through the poll it was said that Alpha Trion was leading, but it looks like the Headmaster Junior has pulled in just enough votes at the end to take the top spot!
You can see more information about the poll results here, and discuss this news in Powered Convoy’s thread