Gigapower’s HQ-03 Guttur, the 3rd Party Dinobot with a Snarl

Third party toymaker Gigapower has released some new test shot photos of their upcoming release, HQ-03 Guttur. Scaled to play and display alongside your official Masterpiece series Transformers, the figure stands head and shoulders above MP-10 Optimus Prime.

Transformers fans quickly will note the similarities between Guttur and G1 Snarl. As noted in the post on Gigapower’s Facebook page, these new photos showcase a production sample of the impressive figure, more closely reflecting the actual toy that will be released than earlier resin prototypes. The final product will feature die-cast metal parts, as well as translucent plastic chest pieces which can’t be easily seen in these photos.

Guttur is grumpy and solitary Gigasaur. Although he may occasionally speak to you, it would only be to let you know how gruesome everything is. He enjoys his free time which he usually spends catching lots of fish. No wonder they call him Maw. Guttur will do whatever his leader asks him to, but he sure won’t be happy about it. The only thing that makes him really cheerful is battle. He just loves to smash bad guys and shatter his surroundings! Sadly, most of his opponents don’t have the guts to fight him anymore as they are overshadowed by his hulking physique.

Gigapower has plans to continue their Gigasaur series with figures based on the remaining G1 Dinobots. Check out Gigapower on Facebook HERE and then discuss Guttur in the Allspark Forums HERE.