G2 Unproduced Transformers On Ebay – Stunticons, Go-Bots, and More!

Multiple previously unseen G2 Transformers have hit Ebay auctions including one of the true holy grails – the G2 Stunticons. A complete set (minus Menasor’s head) including our first look at a stickered Motormaster can be yours although at press time the price was already above 12 grand. Then there’s the first look ever at a pre-production Megatron flipchanger in more traditional colors and unreleased Autojetter and Autolauncher.  In addition carded figures of Combat Hero Prime AND Megatron, Laser Cycle Jazz, and Go-Bots galore including the first pictures ever of the unreleased pink Go-Bot and Hound!
Join the conversation on the Allspark forums for links to the individual auctions. If you’re like me and it’s all too rich for your blood enjoy the incredible pictures below! Credit to Allspark forums member Shatterblast for Megatron and Doubleclouder for the pink Go-Bot.