Enjoy These Rather Dapper Steampunk Transformers

These are not the usual style one expects for Steampunk, but they’re undeniably suitable for the Victorian Era, and would fit in seamlessly with everyday objects of the time. Tea and crumpets after the jump, old chap.

We’re somewhat used to seeing steam trains as Transformers characters. It was quite the thing back when the ‘Hearts Of Steel’ miniseries showcased some wonderful re-imaginings. It was only a 4 issues miniseries at the time, but it has ended up being so much more, even today. We saw core Transformers characters as trains and other suitable ‘old’ machines, with an appropriately clunky, chunky look. That was after the opening of said miniseries, where we see them in dinosaur forms, so it’s quite a fertile ground with so many designs showcased, especially with the quasi-sequel, and the wonderful 3rd party toy interpretations of said designs. It was also a hit for fans with an artistic flair and a wild imagination.
Artist Brian Kesinger has taken some queues from those designs, and added his own flair, which all fit particularly well with common items of the day, including the elegant scribing on Megatron. Very nice touch. Soundwave is probably the one that stands out most, with a very well thought-out robot mode, and he even appears to have a beard, as was the fashion at the time. The Cassette-Bots also stand out, as they really are a suitable, yet creative, re-imagining, while also sticking with the core idea of being the common medium for music at that time, ignoring the Microcassette angle, of course.
Bumblebee also features some elegant etching on various parts, including his shins. It’s not the first version of ‘Bee we’ve seen like this, but it certainly does seem to perfectly capture his lithe form in a much freer manner.
Finally, we have Optimus Prime himself. The most enjoyable aspect is definitely the top hat, but, like Soundwave, he appears to also have some facial hair metal, this time as a rather large moustache, to complete this more gentlemanly incarnation. Top hats are the right of all sentient beings.
The blog itself is located here, and we recommend keeping an eye on it. Brian is certainly onto something.
Finally, we would like to again thank our friends at Transformers Colombia, for linking this page in the first place. Wonderful people there, and we’re thankful to be shown unique projects like this. We have also mirrored the pics themselves, but be sure to check out Brian’s site. Hopefully he has more characters planned. Enjoy!