eHobby TF: Cloud Episode 3, Chapter 4 “Wild” Up

Hot Rodimus and SARA’s adventures seems to have certainly gotten a bit more… wild. Transformers: Cloud episode 3, chapter 4 “野生” (Yasei) – “Wild” or “Growing Wild” – is up! Just when one couldn’t think things could get crazier, it does. Both traveling Autobot and cyborg wind up meeting Optimus Primal leading the Maximal crew, before running afoul with the Predacons being commanded by the T. rex Megatron! Dimension gates, Velociraptor (or Deinonychus for the paleontology fans), and plans, oh my!

An interesting thing to note is that if one read “野生” in Chinese  instead of Japanese, it literally means “wildlife”, appropriately enough!
Cloud Ep 03 Chpt 04
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