Doctor Who Makes Its Entrance in the Walgreen Exclusives Market

The Mecca for collector-based action figures, the Shangri-La for pop culture fans is…Walgreens?!? It all started with MacFarlene toys looking for a place to carry its Walking Dead and later wave Halo action figures and now it seems like everyone is trying to get part of the Walgreens pot! This fall, Hasbro will be following MacFarlene’s footsteps by offering an exclusive Agent Venom from the 6″ Marvel Legends line as well as a “Prototype” Boba Fett from the 6″ Star Wars Black Series. And now even the UK-based Underground Toys have announced plans for exclusives to appear on the drug store chain’s toy aisle shelves. Underground Toys’ venture will be a wave of Doctor Who 3 3/4″ action figures featuring Genesis Dalek (new), the 10th Doctor (new), the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond (new), the 12th Doctor, and Asylum Dalek (new)! These figures may be showing up as early as next month, so make sure Walgreens is now firmly on your toy hunting routes!
Check out the announcement on Underground Toys’ Facebook page