Diamond Shipping List For The Week Of July 9th

There’s a bit of a peculiar week ahead for comic fans, with the next issue of ‘More Than Meets The Eyes’ due for release, and ‘Micro Comic Fun Packs’.
Sounds like the fun may be mandatoryWe’ll start off the one everyone is champing at the bit for, the newest issue of the critical darling, ‘Transformers: More Than Meets The Eyes’ issue 31. As always, it will come with 3 different cover variants: Regular Cover A, Subscription Variant, and finally, the rarest of the 3, the Retailer Incentive cover.
We’re attaching just the Regular and Subscription covers at the moment, as we’re also waiting to see what the RI cover is like. We do know it’s been done by Phil Jimenez, a long-time creator known mostly for his work at DC Comics. He first showed up for Transformers fans with his pitch for a Transformers/Justice League crossover, and starting last year, has been doing steady Transformers work since then, including layouts for the recently finished ‘Dark Cybertron’ event. Please also note that the Sub cover shown here is the final cover art, just without the usual mastheads and issue info. Everything that you see on the Regular Cover, besides the different name in the cover corner box.
Here is the solicitation info for the issue: ‘FLYING BLIND! Trapped inside a giant replica of RODIMUS’s head (don’t ask), MEGATRON and the crew of the Lost Light have to solve the biggest mystery of their lives. And they have to do so quickly-because every time the lights go out, something terrible happens.’
The issue will be available for $3.99US in stores, and available on Comixology for digital readers. Check below for a look at both the Regular and Subscription covers. Please note that the Sub cover does not have any of the trade dress or mastheads, but those will be almost identical to what you see on the Regular Cover.
The final entry for the week is also something of an oddity: ‘Transformers Micro Comics Fun Packs’. Luckily it seems to be the comic that is micro, and the fun will definitely over-ride the size in these kids-themed fun packs. These are a new concept for the line, so it’s a bit hard to try and predict how they’ll do. Kids should love them, though, whether they’re 5, or 55.
There are 4 different characters utilised for these packs, with even more variations for the included stickers and temporary tattoos. The characters chosen are notably also namesakes for marquee characters for the just-released Transformers film: ‘Age Of Extinction’.
‘Collect all four Transformers: Micro-Comic Fun Packs! The issues collected in this set are pulled from the Transformers Spotlight series. Each issue also features new bonus content including a set of Transformers Fact Files and a dual-page spread that allows fans to use their stickers to create their own Transformers battle scenes! The packs also contain a micro poster (1 of 8), sticker sheet (1 of 8), and collectible temporary tattoos (1 of 8). Each collectible Micro-Comic Fun Pack features a new cover illustrated specially for this format by artist Livio Ramondelli and a full stand-alone story printed on heavy matte stock as well as several collectible blindly packed components.’
They retail for $2.99US each.
Check out the gallery below to see the Regular and Subscription covers for ‘More Than Meets The Eyes #31’, and two different photos for the Micro Comics, which should help if you’re looking for these in-stores. These are set for the coming week, and are due in around the 9th. Check with your local comic store, as some may have them out for sale sooner, or later, in the week, due to possible delays stemming from the July 4th celebrations.