Detailed Summary of Transformers Masterpiece Official Guidebook

As we already told you earlier today, The Transformers Masterpiece Official Guide book from Village Books was released today in Japan. Now, Allspark user Powered Convoy has been kind enough to provide a detailed summary of what’s inside. Check it out below and be sure to jump in to our discussion thread if you have any questions or comments. And be sure to check back later for additional preview scans.

Masterpiece Official Guidebook
The book is separated into two parts:
Phase 1:  MP-1 to MP-9
Phase 2:  MP-10 and on.
The more interesting things come from Phase 1.  A lot of what’s in the concept drawings, it seems they were planning for a lot of different accessories or features we didn’t end up getting.  But this is my presumption based on the drawings.  I’m sure a lot of it was wishful thinking on the designers parts.
There are also some prototype pictures of things we’ve never seen before, such as the actual Coronation gear for the pre-Kawamori MP-3 Starscream.
I’m going to list the things I found the most interesting or things we haven’t seen before in various publications (though some may have been covered in some Japanese magazines, my knowledge is mostly limited to what ended up in various Generations publications).
Phase 1:
Some design / concept work for MP-1.
Coronation designs, transformation schematics for MP-3, alternate unused face, additional pre-Kawamori prototype images (including the coronation gear) .
MP-4 some prototype trailer images.
MP-5 some transformation schematics and 1 prototype photo I’ve never seen.
MP-6 and MP-7, nothing new.  In fact they’re just stock photos of each (including the G1 Skywarp toy with purple launchers that doesn’t exist).
MP-8.  Design work that looks like they were considering both MP Wheelie, Bumblebee, and Daniel as accessories.  Each of them are shown in both modes.  Also Quintesson Judge, Primacron, and Primacron’s Assistant.  Design work for Grimlock’s missile launcher is present too.  There is also some prototype pictures of MP-8 I haven’t seen before.
MP-9.  Much like Grimlock, this is one of the more interesting ones.  Lots of design work, beyond the accessories we got there is also his lightsaber and shield, fishing rod, Quintessa fish, Earth fish, Daniel with jet board, Sensei (from Burden Hardest to Bear), a different design for Firebolt (in gun mode) and he could ride inside Hot Rod’s car mode, light up headlights, a Lookout Mountain Figure stand, Dojo diorama, seating compartments in his chest for characters from Almost Human, and a trailer that could connect to Rodimus in robot mode (becomes a back pack and arm and leg attachments).  There’s also a lot of unseen prototype images.
Phase 2:
MP-10.  Some unseen design work (including the already revealed Huffer) and prototype images.
MP-11.  Some unseen design work including a miniature Starscream pilot along with the normal jet pilot.
MP-12.  Some unseen design work.
MP-12G.  G1 Sideswipe with G2 Sideswipe’s face and weapons.
MP-13.  Some design work for both figures.
MP-13B.  Some design work and some non-transformable tape (?) and prototype pics of Ratbat.
MP-14.  Design work and prototype pictures.
MP-15.  Design work and prototype pictures.
MP-16.  Design work and prototype pictures.
MP-17.  Design work and prototype pictures.  Seems they were always planning on doing the various cannons they way they were done (3 different types).
MP-18.  Prototype pictures.
MP-19.  Prototype pictures.
MP-20.  Box.  I think we’ve seen all the design work, the transformation schematic I believe hasn’t been seen.
MP-21.  Design work.  Design shows it’s Daniel and not Spike.  All the prototype pictures we’ve seen.  Some new photos of the toy, including a good (but small shot) of him with the G1 toy mask on.  The one good shot of the figure in the Exo-Suit’s head looks like Daniel, so perhaps it’s Daniel despite what we were told / believed.
MP-22.  Lots of design work and schematics.  No new colored figure photos with the latest Figure King and Dengeki Hobby.  Some new prototype pictures including 4 different faces.  2 straight faced and 2 yelling, the difference being the 2nd set has optics that protrude like sunglasses.  They show how the gun handle folds up.
MP-??.  Star Saber.  Photos we saw earlier today.  If you couldn’t tell by the pictures of the book this morning, Saber’s visor is clear and it looks to be over a normal face.  Definitely a smaller robot in the cockpit of the jet.  Can’t tell if it is removable, but it looks like there are rivets in his arms at the shoulders.
MPM-1 & MPM-2.  Prototype photos.
Masterpiece Exclusives (just stock photos for the Japanese figures, a mix of stock and loose photos of USA Editions).  The only US figure that didn’t get a USA Edition release (like Acidstorm, white Starscream, and the recent Grimlock) that is shown in here is US Rodimus.  They show him in package and Firebolt.
A retrospect on what looks to be licensed / real life car figures (1984, 2000, Binaltech, Alternity, GT, etc).
Some designer interviews.
A really cool book, and I imagine if you can read Japanese it’s even better.  My one gripe, and this was something I believe I mentioned when the first previews were shown, is the stock photography for a lot of the figures.  I don’t think that’s acceptable when the figures are released.
Still a very cool book and worth the money.