Dengeki Hobby Scans Show Star Saber Prototype + More

The latest issue of Dengeki Hobby features photos of the prototype for Masterpiece Star Saber in all modes, and plenty more. Definitely worth taking a look at.

Star Saber is not yet coloured, but we see the prototype in all various modes. It’s shaping up to be a must-have, even for fans unfamiliar with the character.
Rounding it out are more pics of the upcoming Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus MP entries, and another look at the MP10 Bathing Ape green repaint of the latest Optimus Prime Masterpiece toy, one of the more unusual uses of the MP10 mold. The MegaZarak non-transforming figure is also shown again, in the same pose typically used for Scorponoks of all varieties. We do see ‘in hand’ looks at both Ultra Magnus, and the Star Saber prototype. No, really. Literally taken while someone is holding them. I almost want to name both people, but am rather afraid I might be wrong. Sorry to both gentlemen featured.
Thanks to TAG Hobby for sharing scans of said pages. That link takes you to their more comprehensive coverage of other featured collectibles, which is also part of their main site. Be sure to keep up with these, and other news stories, in our very own forums, which are located via this link right here.