Auto Assembly 2014 Exclusive T-Shirt Announced

To get into the spirit of the 30th anniversary of the Transformers brand, UK fan convention Auto Assembly has been pulling out all the stops! A new podcast, redesigned souvenir bags, four voice actors, the largest pool of attendees ever, and now an exclusive – and licensed by Hasbro! – t-shirt designed by none other than Transformers artist Josh Burcham! The design for the t-shirt blends the SDCC 2014 exclusive themes: Dinobots and rock bands! Yes, you can own a shirt with Grimlock, Snarl, and Slag rocking out on guitar while Sludge pounds on the drums. Here’s the announcement for more information:

Just when you thought that we’d announced everything for this year’s convention, we are proud to announce yet another exclusive for Auto Assembly 2014…
In partnership with our friends at Urban Species, we are proud to announce that this year’s convention will have a limited edition exclusive t-shirt! Available from the Urban Species table in the Dealers area of the convention, this brand new design features the Dinobots in a way that you’ve never seen them before…
As with all of the t-shirts produced by Urban Species, this design is officially approved and licensed by Hasbro and features artwork by none other than Josh Burcham making it a first for Auto Assembly! You’ll have to hurry to get yours from the convention though as they’re going to be in short supply! That’s not all though… we have some more exciting news about Urban Species for you very soon!
You will only be able to get this if you’re attending the convention but don’t worry if you haven’t already bought your ticket there’s still time! Auto Assembly 2014 is taking place over the weekend of 8th – 10th August 2014 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel so come and join us as we celebrate 30 years of Transformers.

Check out the Auto Assembly page for more images and more information about the convention.