Aussie Update: A Rainbow Of Mania?!

Last time we talked about the red Wheelie KO packed with this month’s ‘Mania’ magazine. But what if everything we knew was wrong?
Join us for another journey down the rabbit-hole!

Yes, we’re talking about ‘Mania’ again, the Australian kids magazine that has a habit of coming packed with a Transformers Knock Off, all for just $5.95 Australian. If you missed the original piece, and would like to read it,  then please click here to be taken to it. We’ll wait for you if you’d like.
Ready? Great. Let’s carry on, then.
In the original article we stated that the issue was coming with a red Legends Wheelie Knockoff, a photo which is now also mirrored in the gallery of photos included in this article. It turns out that’s only PART of the truth. The focus the first time round was targeted more for those who thought it was a legitimate Hasbro release. This time, we’re looking at it from another angle. A strange, multi-coloured angle.
There’s MORE than just the red Wheelie KO available with the current July issue. So many that it caused us to throw up our hands at the idea of even counting what’s available.
Allspark member Boltax showed us the June ad for red Wheelie, but has since reported that all the figures he saw in person were a YELLOW Wheelie. Coincidently this yellow Wheelie happens to be a rather close match to the colours used for the Henkei Wheelie, who came packed with Warpath and Cosmos. That may make the yellow KO quite appealing to some collectors who missed the Henkei release. Also of note is that appears to actually have been made using the exact Autobot sigil for the figure, instead of the altered image shown on the packaging.. That’s rather brazen, even for Mania.
It seems that it’s not just Wheelie out there in the wild. We have reports of the Legends Beachcomber mold also being found packed with the magazine. He is said to be ‘darker’ than his colours for either his Hasbro or Takara Tomy release. Please note we have yet to officially verify this with the magazine, as it seems that most stores are receiving multiples of the same toy, instead of the different molds and colours available. Again, it is important to note that every figure discussed here is a Knockoff. None are sanctioned releases. Redecos of the Legends G1 Jazz have also been sighted in the wild, aka in Big W stores. It is supposedly available in orange and yellow, but again, we have yet to receive any other reports of Jazz, so treat this one with caution, for the moment.
If those reports are true, it means we’re up to five different bootlegged variants. It also stands to reason that there would be at least one more colour of the Beachcomber mold available, as the other molds used have also had two variants each. We are assuming that all reports are genuine, of course, so all we can say at this stage is that they MAY exist. The only ones we can state with certainty are the red and yellow Wheelies, as we have photos of both of those, again thanks to forum member Boltax.
In the gallery below you’ll see both the yellow Wheelie, and the June ad for the Red Wheelie, along with sample pages of the July issue itself. Please note that the sample pages do mention the just-released ‘Age Of Extinction’ film, and a ‘review’ of the new ‘Rise Of The Dark Spark’ game. Please do not look at the sample pages, if you still view such things as spoilers you’d rather avoid.
We will hopefully update this article as more verified reports filter in, and if you have seen or purchased any of these variants with said July issue, please contact us, as we’d love to be able to showcase as many of these as possible. Our thread for the magazine is right here in our forums, and contains information from both the June and July issues.
The gallery itself is conveniently located right underneath this article.