Apparent First Image From Batman Vs. Superman Film Released

USA Today has a story up about the upcoming film, which is also set to introduce Wonder Woman And Cyborg, in addition to Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman. What could be better? How about our first peek at what to expect.

The image is being touted as the first photo released for the film, which is currently filming in Detroit.
It appears to have been Photoshopped quite a bit, and frankly, I can’t work out if it really is a photo as claimed, or just a rendering of the preliminary concepts. Make up your mind about the photo, and the rest of the article, at USA Today’s website, which is available right this way.  We have also mirrored the photo here.
There is a long-running thread in the Allspark forums about the movie, which the press has labelled an attempt at DC’s contender against the blockbuster Avengers film, and the hype for the sequel, ‘Age Of Ultron’.
The film is due for release on May 6, 2016.