“Allspark Collected: Lower Ranks” will be Available at Auto Assembly

Printed copies of “Allspark Collected: Lower Ranks” will be on hand at Auto Assembly this August 8-10 in Birmingham, England, by digital colorist and retired Allspark staffer Kris Carter (Drivaaar).
This book collects four 16-page stories which debuted here on the Allspark and featured fan-created characters: “Courage Under Fire,” “Crisis of Conscience,” “Out of Time,” and “The Best Defence,” plus additional bonus material from folks who helped create the stories.  For a sample of what to expect, “Courage Under Fire” can be viewed in its entirety on Kris’s Facebook page.
All proceeds from the book will benefit The Samaritans, a UK-based suicide prevention organization, in memory of Allspark member SolFire, who tragically took his own life last year, and whose fan-character appears in the books.  This is an excellent cause and tribute, and you can find more details about the print books and the inspiration for creating them on Kris’s blog.
For more information about Auto Assembly, visit the official site.
Allspark Collected: Lower Ranks