Age of Extinction dethrones Avatar at Chinese Box Office

Entertainment trade website Variety is reporting that the second week box office take for Transformers: Age of Extinction has put the Chinese gross at over $220million, making the film the highest-grossing theatrical release in Chinese history.

More than ever before, American studios are pushing towards capturing global audiences with their tentpole blockbuster films. It’s no secret that Paramount Pictures and director Michael Bay made a point of targeting Chinese moviegoers with Age of Extinction, filming extensively on location throughout China and Hong Kong, courting Chinese financiers, and casting actress Li Bingbing in the movie. A virtual unknown in the western world, Li is hugely popular in Asia, with Transformers 4 being one of her few roles in an American production.
Pandering to the Chinese audience has paid off in a big way, as Transformers: Age of Extinction enters its third week of release atop the all-time Chinese box office rankings, a spot previously held by James Cameron’s 2009 smash-hit Avatar. Variety’s article points out that, given fluctuations in currency exchange rates since 2009, Age of Extinction’s already-impressive global box office numbers mean an even bigger slice of pie compared to Avatar’s performance. The gap is expected to widen as Age of Extinction continues to screen over the coming weeks.
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