A Warning If You’re In The Market For An MP18 Bluestreak: KO’s Have Hit The Market

The Datsuns have been a hit, leaping to the top of many peoples’ Top 10 of 2013 lists. Whether it was Prowl, Bluestreak, or Smokescreen, they were clearly crowd-pleasers, and we all know what happens to crowd-pleasers…

Just to be clear, you’ll notice that I called this MP Bluestreak. That was done for easier name recognition for us Westerners. The actual MP name for it is ‘Streak’. We’re also talking about the first release version, the silver with black, just like the cartoon used. For now, we’re not talking about the recent exclusive MP Bluestreak that had him in all silver, just like his original toy.
But with this one on the way, it seems like it just may be a mere matter of time before that one also joins the Knock-Off parade. These have just been posted to eBay over the last few days. So far we have no reports on the KO version, and unfortunately, no easy way to tell if it’s legit or not. Hopefully that information will trickle down to us over the coming week or two.

streakbox The Real Deal
As always, this means that we all need to be aware of this, especially for the more inexperienced buyers who may not be told it is the KO, and not what they were expecting.
We are not going to link to any of these auctions, as the last thing we want to do is promote them. For now, it seems most initial sellers are adding in ‘KO’ in the title, in lower case, and easy to miss.
Prowl has already been KOed, now Bluestreak, and now it’s just a countdown till Smokescreen is hit.
Keep in mind that Hasbro is giving MP Prowl an official Western release, so some may find that easier than rolling the dice and hoping you get lucky and score a legit toy.
If you’re unsure, and would like to double check what you have, we are more than willing to do what we can to help you identify just what you have. This is a link to our main Transformers Discussion forum, and we welcome anyone, and of course, hope we can supply good news for you, instead of disappointment.
So be alert when buying, and do your best to be sure that you’re buying the real thing.