“What is The Dark Spark?” Peter Cullen Talks “Transformers: Rise of The Dark Spark”

A behind the scenes look of “Transformers: Rise of The Dark Spark” has surfaced! Peter Cullen, voice of Optimus Prime, talks about the upcoming video game out June 24 in this short video and about what role the Dark Spark plays in this game.  He tells us that the Dark Spark is an artifact that Optimus Prime is fighting for control over and that it is the antithesis of the matrix of leadership. Thanks to Playstation for giving us Transformers fans such an informative video.

2014 marks thirty years since giant, sentient robots from outer space brought their ancient war to our world and changed the way we look at the common, everyday tractor trailer.

When Hasbro asked us to play a role in ushering in the Transformers franchise’s fourth decade with a new video game, we knew paying respect to that tradition — that shared history — had to be central to the experience we delivered.

That mission statement became Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, a third-person action adventure game that crosses the cosmos, intersecting with Generation One, Paramount Pictures’ live-action films, and Activision’s Cybertron titles to bridge these storied worlds for the very first time.

The hunt for the illusive and catastrophic Dark Spark — the calamitous counterpart to the Matrix of Leadership, capable of bending the universe to the user’s will — is one which will launch players through the fabric of time and space. The vulnerable human communities of Earth in the present and the war-torn, industrial labyrinths of Cybertron’s shattered past will each play prominently throughout the adventure.

With thirty years of characters to look back on, we’re doing our best to deliver more affirmative responses to the most common question we always hear: “Is my favorite Transformers character in the game?” The roster this time around includes more than forty playable characters across Campaign and co-op Escalation modes. In the spirit of linking two unrelated Transformers continuities, we’ve unified player progression across both modes, so all the customizable advances and loadout options you obtain playing one part of the game will carry over to make you stronger in the other.
Escalation mode has evolved in some exciting ways, with more defensive, tactical tools to play with, as well as — finally — special mini-boss fights against recognizable Power Foes from the cast.
Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark lands on PS4 and PS3 June 24th, just in time for the arrival of Transformers: Age of Extinction in theaters.