USA TODAY Review : Thrills are extinct in latest dull ‘Transformers’

As Transformers 4 : Age of Extinction is set to release in select cities tonight and nationwide tomorrow we are getting our first reviews in from the week’s press screenings.  The final verdict is in the hearts and minds of each and every one of us Transformers fans, but Scott Bowles of USA Today was not too impressed.
“Deafening, deadening and about two hours too long, Extinction (*½ out of four; rated PG-13; opens in select cities Thursday and nationwide Friday) would mark the weakest installment yet of the 7-year-old Hasbro franchise — if the previous three movies were discernible from one another.
But like the toys-turned-aliens who anchor the story, Transformers has never been a series capable of personality growth, leaving a cast of replaceable humans pretending to crack wise with blue-screen heroes as thoughtful as pudding.”
Mr. Bowles spares no disdain for Michael Bay, the Transformers franchise in general, nor the films in particular.  You can view the full review here.