Unused Exclusives Shown At Botcon 20th Anniversary Retrospective Panel

Last night those lucky enough to attend the Botcon 20th anniversary retrospective panel were shown numerous past exclusive proposals that were either never used or close to happening but rejected by Hasbro. Sadly for those of us at home there were no pictures allowed but we now bring you a list of all of the toys shown and where available the mold intended.Credit to Benson Yee of bwtf.com for tweeting the list and to Allspark forum member Magnusblitz for compiling the list
“Unused concepts”

  • Overlord (from Movie Mindwipe)
  • Marlboro Wheeljack (from Lockdown)
  • Female Cykill
  • Predaking (from Tigerhawk)

  • Shattered Glass Strangehold (from Movie Lockdown)

  • Hubcap (from Animated Soundwave)

  • Skyquake (from Classics Silverbolt)

  • Thundercrash with Turbomasters (Prime molds)

  • Twilight Sparkle Prime (from Battle Unicorn)

“What we almost got”

  • Ransack (from Kickback) (not used bc Hasbro might do)

  • Cannonball (from Prime Wheeljack)

  • Bumper (from Prime Rumble)

  • Crosshairs (from Generation Kup)

  • Strika (from Animated Bulkhead)

  • Bruton (from Grimlock)

  • Bruton (from Bulkhead)

  • MW Prowl (from Mirage)

  • MW Hubcap (from Hoist)

  • Animated proposal

  • Classics Stunticon proposal

  • BW Shattered Glass proposal

  • “Toxic Mayhem” was original Animated theme

  • Wanted to use Web Diver Bumblebee, but mold not available

  • Kup (from Animated Optimus)

  • Tigatrom (from Animated Rodimus)

  • Shokaract (from Animated Blackout)

  • Bugly

  • Flamewar and Nightracer (from Animated Arcee)

  • Jackpot was from a rejected set, but showed up as a club exclusive

  • 2007 Alternators proposal: Galvatron from Wheeljack, Cyclonus from Mirage, Ultra Magnus from the Ford pickup

  • Rodimus Primal from Rattrap