Transformers Legends new Team Battle Event Featuring Grimlock to Launch This Wed

Transformers Official Facebook page is celebrating reaching 1 million likes by offering up all kinds of exclusive peeks and previews. This week it’s art for the brand new Transformers Legends Team Battle event featuring Grimlock. With his appearance in Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Grimlock has been a popular bot the past few months. Check him out below in his G1 styled glory courtesy of Transformers Facebook page.
Be sure to pre-register for the Transformers Legends even starting tomorrow (June 17) on the Transformers Legends Website.

We’re celebrating reaching one million fans on the official Transformers Facebook page all week long with exclusive new artwork! If you like Grimlock, you’ll love this art from Transformers Legends! The new Team Battle event featuring Grimlock launches on Wednesday, June 18th, with pre-registration beginning on the 17th. Go to for more info.