Transformers Figure Subscription Service Toys For 2015 Revealed

Fun Publications has already shown us that it’s not afraid to go for the obscure along with the guaranteed crowd-pleasers. 2015, however, takes ‘obscure’ to a whole new level!Official images of these toys are expected within the next two weeks. Until then, we only have photographs from the Botcon Roundtable to go on. These have been cropped for optimum quality, but there are still a few shots showing the hair of those in front. Also, because these are photos of a projected image, the images do appear in a washed-out manner. Finally, we don’t know exactly who will have new heads, so for the purposes of giving some temporary info, we’ll just tell you what we see. But they are still clear enough for analysis, so let’s get to it!
Once again, there will be a bonus figure packed with the sixth figure. It looks to be the same as last year in how that’s handled: subscribers won’t know who it is until it arrives. We also can’t verify the order of release, but we can identify the components. First up is a perennial crowd pleaser, a new Seeker. What sets Nacelle apart is not just that he’s using the Thrust mold, but that he’s actually using the Botcon 2007 Thrust mold! That was certainly unexpected.
Following Nacelle we have a former Action Master now in a very transformable form: Krok, from the Generations Megatron mold. It is difficult to determine if that’s a new head, or just a clever reuse of the built-in alternate head, that originally gave us a modern G2 Dreadwing. It looks new, but we’ll see.
Krok also comes with a partner to complete the Action Master homage. It is meant as an updated Gatoraider, but odds are that the name may be altered by next year.
Next up is Serpent O.R. The team noted that the name is not final, but the toy most certainly is. It is a redeco of Generations Scourge, but with a head that has yet to be used by Hasbro. It was originally used for the TakaraTomy Senator Ratbat. It is based on the GIJOE Vs Transformers comics from Devil’s Due, and is quite a clever re-use of existing parts.
Did we say we were seeing one new Seeker? Well, how about TWO. This time using the basic Seeker mold, as seen on Classics Starscream on. It’s a new version of Starscream himself, BUT it’s based on the G2 version! The basis for it is the Starscream that was seen in the production G2 line, so it’s not based on the proposed repaints for Black Death or the blue digital camouflage (and others), that only exist in prototype form.
We move a step on from G2, with another addition for the ranks of the 2005 Dawn Of Future’s Past continuity, giving us a very vibrant Tarantulas. The base figure is Generations Wreck-Gar, and it appears to use the Junkheap head. Along for the ride are TWO miniature beasties, originally from Arms Micron Airachnid. This looks like one of the more interesting selections.
To finish on a high note, we close out the reveals with Zap. Zap uses the IDW Generations Bumblebee mold. Visible below him is the Kreon figure he’ll packed with. The Kreon is a human, which is somewhat of a rarity for modern Kre-O toys, after receiving a lukewarm reception when heavily packed with the first year’s sets. Why would you want one here? That’s because it gives us the first ever G.B. Blackrock toy! Zap may not come to mind for many fans. Why it would come with a Kreon also seems like a rather strange choice. But it does have a solid connection with a past misfit toy: one that was planned, but never came to be released. Zap was the name of an Axelerator in Euro G1, and was renamed Windbreaker for its US release.
A repainted version was also intended to be set to be an intended figure set for the cancelled Takara Blocktown series, back in 1996. It never ended up for sale, but was intended to have a building block component to interact with the toy, thus the reason for the ‘Blocktown’ name. If you’d like to see a photograph of the intended Blocktown set, it’s here at the TFWiki.
All six figures are pictured below, and we will update the gallery when we get the official images from Fun Publications.
So, out of those six, which ones make you want to throw money at the screen, and how do you rank them in order of preference? Come tell us in the Botcon 2014 Super Thread in our forums!