Transformers 5 : Confirmed for 2016 Per Edward Ryan Senior VP @ Paramount

We haven’t even sat down to watch Transformers 4 : Age of Extinction yet and we are already getting news that the 5th installment has been given the greenlight inside Paramount Studios with a planned release in 2016.
In an announcement made at the CineEurope 2014 event, Edward Ryan, Senior VP at Paramount Pictures gave several announcements of upcoming movie releases including Ben Hur, Beverly Hills Cop, and of course Transformers 5.  You can see the full article list over at The Hollywood Reporter article.
Regardless of your views of Michael Bay, or his vision for our beloved franchise, we are at least assured a steady flow of revenue for Hasbro to continue to pump out new product!  And seeing giant robots fighting on the big screen isn’t so painful either.