Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Merchandise Samples

Thanks to Hasbro’s PR, Allspark now have our hands on the brand new box of  Transformers: Age of Extinction merchandise samples! The shipping box, like previous sample boxes from movie years, is pretty much a piece of art in its own right! The outside of the box looks ripped open from within with Optimus, Grimlock, and Scorn peering out through the slash marks. And inside the box is a beautiful piece of Optimus riding Grimlock with flames burning behind them!
As for the merchandise, it’s mostly items that you can find at retail now – Smash & Change Optimus, Voyager Grimlock, Construct-Bots Optimus Prime & Gnaw, Kre-O Grimlock Street Attack, Kre-O Combiners Grimstone, Deluxe Slug, Power Punch Bumblebee, 1-Step Optimus Prime, 1-Step Lockdown, Construct-Bots Dinobot Riders Lockdown, and the Hex Bug stadium. There’s also an impressive Transformers 4 t-shirt with Optimus and a great looking hat with the Decepticon “4” logo.
Check out our gallery of the box below: