Toy’s “R” Us in Austrailia lists Zecora Equestria Girl Doll

Thanks to EQD we now how information that a Toy’s “R” Us in the land down under has listed everypony’s favorite zebra, Zecora, as an Equestria Girls Doll!

This high-style Zecora doll has a fashion secret and you’re the only one she’ll tell – maybe! She’s got wild hair, a rockstar outfit and sassy boots for the best Equestria Girls look ever. She comes with a clip-in ponytail you can use to make her even fancier!
Product Features

  • High-fashion Equestria Girls doll looks like the Zecora character
  • Doll has a sassy outfit and boots
  • Includes clip-in ponytail


Product Size: This product measures 12.7cm x 28.6cm x 9.1cm (W x H x D)