Topps Movie Series Card Game Ready To Play Hard

Topps has released an all-new trading card game, featuring images from all four movies, and a game component aimed at younger fans.
There’s 170 cards in the set, and are out now, with reports so far of availability in the UK and Australia. For now we do not know if they will receive a US release.
All these prices are in pounds, so they will be priced differently in other countries. Starter sets are £4.99, and booster packs are £1.00. Note that booster packs are also available in Australia at select newsagents, for $2.50. Boosters contain 8 cards. There are also four collectible tins listed for £5.99 each. Photos of the tins are in the gallery below. Your choice of tin also determines what Limited Edition card you find as part of the cards inside. Choose from Grimlock (with the image also showing Optimus Prime riding him), Lockdown, Drift, and finally Optimus himself.
Finally, they are also available in Multipacks. While we do not know how many cards are in each multipack, there are again four options listed. Again, your character choice determines your Limited Edition card inside, but we don’t know how they’re packaged. The Multipack characters are Bumblebee, Crosshairs, Swoop, and Sentinel Prime (misspelled as ‘Sentinal’ on the official Topps site, so it could possibly be a typo from the packs themselves).
We have mirrored all relevant pics from their site. There are a mix of photos and Topps info sheets. Topps also has an official page for them, available here. If you would like to learn more about the game itself, the rules have been put online, and are available here. Our gallery for them is below, and note the four tins available, as well as information pages for the series.
Finally, whether you’re eight or eighty five, come to the Allspark forums and share your impression of the cards, and any sightings besides the UK.