The Loyal Subjects Shows Us Their New Summer Range Of Shirts And Jackets

We get to see their new Transformers T-shirts, and a few Power Rangers one that got added just for fun. But does it give us a hint for future figures?

The Loyal Subjects love two things: Vinyl, and clothing. They are now featuring enough different Transformers characters to ensure that everyone can find something they like.
It could possibly give us a look at future product. Let’s take a quick look, swinging for the easy ones. Hound and Wheeljack: They make perfect sense, so let’s consider those a lock.
But what about their fellow first year guy, and apparent TLS favourite, Trailbreaker? He doesn’t seem like an obvious character for this early on in the line. Look how long it took for the deluxe version for your Generations/Classics collection. We got a Legend a few years beforehand, but not anything larger for 7 years after the first Classics toys debuted. He’s also on the sticker sheet they introduced a few months ago. He seems to be a favourite of theirs, which is funny, as Trailbreaker is also set to have an oddly high amount of Kre-O mini-figures. One for the small Beast Hunters set, one for the upcoming Micochangers wave 2, and one for SDCC ‘Class of ’84’ pack. That puts him right up there, and even above some very core characters. It’s the season of Trailbreaker, apparently. Or Trailcutter, if you prefer.
There’s plenty more character shirts than that, and the Pixel Block style also show us more old favourites, and for someone wanting something a bit more visually interesting, they have many other more designer style prints, available on their store right here. Now, you’ll notice that the new shirts are yet to be in stock. They were shown as a special sneak peek of the summer line, out shortly. Embarassingly, I didn’t notice these for over a month, as they were shown on their Facebook page on May 10th. Oops.
But moving on, and after all that talk, the shirts themselves. They’re featured on their Facebook page, right here. We’ve mirrored the photo of the new shirts, and that’s right below this article, and also in their Facebook photos, which are worth checking out, as there’s some really nice photos showcasing the latest Transformers wares.
The Allspark Forums also have a running thread covering They Loyal Subjects products, and that’s located right here. New people are always welcome!