The Evolution of the Camaro through Age of Extinction

What does it mean for your company’s bottom line when your car becomes an action hero in one of the top-grossing movie franchises there is? In celebration of the release of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, entertainment website Variety has a feature showcasing the impact the Transformers films have had on another iconic brand, Chevrolet’s Camaro.

Fans don’t need to be reminded that Bumblebee traded up his alternate mode from his signature Volkswagen Beetle to the powerhouse Camaro when the the first Transformers film premiered in 2007, and for good or for ill, Bee has largely stuck with the Camaro in various Transformers media since that appearance. The strong working relationship Michael Bay has with General Motors – Chevrolet’s parent company – has brought great things for both parties; sales of the Camaro have spiked with the release of each film in the series, and Bumblebee action figures are on perennial favorite at toy store shelves.

“Being a part of the ‘Transformers’ franchise is an incredible way to showcase the design work of which GM is capable,” said Ed Welburn, VP of GM Global Design. “The global series gets our cutting-edge designs in front of more potential customers than we could through traditional methods.”

Variety’s article explains how Chevrolet’s designers have taken cues from the films since Bumblebee’s debut, and how they have aided in crafting custom designs to appear on screen. GM facilities also served as shooting locations used in Age of Extinction!
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