The Daily Dot Features “Meet Windblade”

Can’t wait for more Transformers: Windblade? Don’t know who Windblade is? For those living under a highly fortified bunker on the fringes of highly populated transforming cities, The Daily Dot has a feature article covering the newest female Transformer member joining IDW‘s comic cast of our favorite robotic overlords.
The Daily Dot’s feature does a very good coverage of introducing the basics of the Windblade mini-series, such as writer¬†Mairghread Scott tackling the female-Transformer question considering Arcee’s origin in this universe (not to mention showcasing the beautiful art as done by Sarah Stone, who had posted up a clean page from issue 2). Mind the possible spoilers for those that have yet to read the first two issues.
Transformers: Windblade #3 is slated for release this June 18.
Windblade 2 clean page