The Best Way To Watch Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Director Michael Bay has posted on his blog that the best way to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction is via IMAX 3D and the second best option is to go to a theater with Dolby Atmos sound system.

The best way to see this movie is definitely in IMAX 3D.
By far.
Why? Because for one, we did technically-excellent 3D in this film. We conceived and shot this movie with 3D cameras. So many movies use 3D as an afterthought.
We also are the first movie in the world to shoot with the new IMAX digital 3D camera. The ‘Age of Extinction’ was formatted for 2.40 for normal theaters. What makes the IMAX version of this film so different is that 60 percent of the movie opens up and fills the whole IMAX screen. It makes Transformers 4 such an immersive experience.
The second best way to watch ‘Age of Extinction’ is in a 3D theater featuring Dolby ATMOS sound. ATMOS is the next level in the surround sound experience. The sound not only wraps around from front to back and side to side, there is also a layer of sound above you. The audio will roll and spin around and above you while watching the spaceship chase scene in Age of Extinction.
See you at the movies.

View Michael Bay’s post here.