The Surprising Resurrection Of Star Cats. No Felines, But How About Robotic Transforming Combining Dinosaurs?

Collectors have had a bit of a surprise: long thought dead, these Combiner Teams of dinosaurs and emergency vehicle, are now available, and at a jaw-dropping price. Only $50 per 5 figure set. The Year Of The Horse has instead become The Year Of The Dinobot!Back in 2011, a Chinese animated series was broadcast in selected parts of Asia. The show centred around combining robot teams. Some of the designs looked very familiar to those who knew what to look for. The series was called ‘Star Cats’.
With animation comes toys. They go together like apple and pie-crust. Who best to handle the production of toys that resembled second-rate Transformers? Well, how about a company that produced third-party Transformers! TFC Toys were offered something that very few third-party groups are offered, namely that of legitimacy. They had 2 teams designed, each with the familiar 5 member form, with plans for limited recolours that coincidentally resembled established Transformers teams, in this case the Protectobots and the ever popular Dinobots.
TFC suddenly went silent. It all seemed to have ground to a halt. Their toys went largely unmade and unreleased, destined to exist in the Deleted Files of a designer’s renders. That was almost 3 years ago.
But now, surprisingly, they’ve been resurrected. They are now available at online retailer Chimungmung,  and other select outlets. Speculation centres on another, as yet unknown company offering to buy the TFC designs. This wouldn’t be the first time for similar occurrences, and it does seem to be the most plausible explanation. They are now simply named ‘Dinosaur Robo’ and ‘Star Rescue Robo’, with no extra flourishes such as names.
Even more surprising is the price: each set of 5 is only $49.99 each (plus shipping, of course). First is the Dinosaur Robo set, only listed in one size here. The Star Rescue Robo set is available in 2 sizes, both for the same price. The larger  (reportedly around taller Voyager and Ultra for comparison) and the smaller (larger Deluxe to small Voyager). Small or large, $50 it is!
Thanks to Allspark member Solarstorm for his photos and review. Click here for his review, and here to join in the discussion, and catch up on the three year history of these very cool figures.
Finally, check our gallery below. The final photo gives a nice comparison between the two Star Rescue Robo sets.