TCC Membership Figure, Maximal-Rampage, Now Arriving in Mailboxes

tcc_rampage_arrivingIf you joined up for the Transformers Collectors’ Club before March 16th of this year, make sure to keep an eye on those mailboxes! The Club have now sent out the Maximal-Rampage membership incentive figure and those figures starting to reach their final destinations. This is the Transformers Prime First Edition mold with brand new Rampage/Protoform X inspired head sculpt. With the Trans-Mutate figures and TFSS 2.0 Month 1 figures also hitting fans’ mailboxes, it sounds like you have plenty to look forward to!
Click here to see Primal Sabbath’s first report of the figure’s arrival on the 2005 Boards, then discuss this news here in Powered Convoy’s thread.