Sunstreaker Was Quite The Model, Back in The Day.

Did Sunstreaker ever tell you about his past? He was once part of the police, and hey, was once even quite the model. From a certain point of view…

Allspark member Maz has shared his latest article at Transformers One. The subject this time is the toy that would be Sunstreaker, pre-Transformers, and the two model kits that were produced as part of the Diaclone line.
As Maz notes, it’s the only official art ever done of Red and Police Sunstreaker. They’re still great pieces, even 30+ years later, as seen in the linked image below. This really is material that would come to inspire the genesis of a toy and media behemoth. Enjoy this change of pace, as we stop checking the future, and go back to the past.
Maz’s thread about this article is in our forums here, and, as always, you’re all invited to join in!