Steve Jablonsky: “Transformers: Age of Extinction” Score Album in the Works

Now that Transformers: Age of Extinction is out, the next thing to follow would be the score. We’ve heard the calming woodwinds as Optimus’s theme in the first film, smiled and cheered to the choir when the Autobots made their descent, felt the poignancy of the Primes of long past and the somberness of Sentinel’s theme. Straight from Steve Jablonsky’s Facebook, the score album is in the works!

Score album is mixed and ready for mastering! Working hard to get this out as soon as possible. More updates soon. Enjoy the movie this weekend. It’s big 🙂

The amazing Patricia Sullivan is mastering the score album today. Dinobots roll out!

However, Jablonsky cautions fans that prefer physical releases over digital versions.

I am really pushing for a physical release, had a meeting about it yesterday. If that meeting holds, there will be a physical release. I hesitate to confirm anything until I’m holding a copy in my hands, a lot if this is out of my control. But rest assured I am doing all I can to make it happen, and so far it’s looking good
We don’t have an official release date yet. That is in the hands of the studio and record label. Releasing a score album is more complicated than you might think 🙂

Also, HitFix interviewed the maestro on scoring for Age of Extinction, such as creating new themes as it was a new approach:

“It’s about two hours of music,” he says. “We could figure it out, but we’re all too exhausted.” He has another algorithm: Working on one Michael Bay film is like “scoring two-and-a-half smaller films.”
He finished the score in early June, mere days before the movie debuted in Hong Kong. “Some people have told me not to mention how last minute it was, but at the premiere, Michael stood up and said, ‘I finished this film 40 hours ago.’ This one was the craziest film of them all.”
…Part of the fun for “Extinction” was finding themes for new characters in the reinvigorated story. “Michael said to me, ‘This is new, let’s approach it as something new.’ I put aside all my old themes and just started on brand new ideas. We have all these new characters: Mark Wahlberg, his daughter. There’s a new villain, Lockdown. I focused a lot of time writing a theme for him. He was one of my favorites.”
Toward the end of the process, Bay and Jablonsky both had the same thought: they should incorporate a few of the original themes. “We thought the fans would like it,” Jablonsky says.

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