Sentinel Convoy Transforming Pen Images and New Information

Following up on our previous article about the transforming “Convoy Pen” From Sentinel Company in Japan we now have more information about this product as well as some digitally colored product sample/proof-of-concept pictures from their official blog. There are a total of 3 pens that will be available and are up for pre-order starting today (June 2) in Japan; The standard Convoy style (G1 Optimus Prime) which will be released in September and two recolor styles including Black Convoy (Nemesis Prime) and Ultra Magnus. The latter two will be released in October of this year.
Standing in at just over 4 inches (105mm)tall in robot mode and over 5 and a half inches (143mm) as a pen, we can see there is quite a bit of detail on these for their size. The cost in Japan will be 4,298 yen which translates into approximately $42,15 in US currency. For those in the US and Canada you can pre-order them from our sponsor Big Bad Toy Store for the import price of around $55.00.
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