Rumor: BotCon 2014 Souvenir List

Shorckt3566_1218298339[1]Fans have been speculating what BotCon 2014 would have to offer those fans attending the convention in the form of souvenir toys.  After the reveal of a possible BotCon 2014 exclusive in the form of Flamewar from Beast Hunters Arcee, a list of rumored exclusives is starting to circulate.  Check out the list provided by xZAOx below:

PRID Thundertron as Alpha Trion (3H style!)
PRID Vehicon and Jet Vehicon as Pounce and Wingspan
PRID Arcee as Flare-up and Flamewar
Club Rampage as Shokaract
Cybertron Primal as Apelinq

Whether this rumor is true or not has yet to be revealed, but it is sure fun speculating.
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