Revoltech G1 Optimus Prime Set For Rerelease Under Legacy Banner

Kaiyodo is celebrating 8 years of the highly successful Revoltech line of figures. How does one celebrate? Same as every other licensee. Optimus!

As part of the celebratory Legacy line they’ll be offering a rerelease of the 2007 Generation 1 Optimus Prime, based on the Dreamwave comic looks.
There appears to be no change to the figure, with accessories being the same, and the figure still using the now-obsolete method of articulation, which left the joint pegs protruding by a few millimetres in certain spots, but mostly underneath the figure, so rarely visible. You will see them in a photo or two in the gallery. They’re the black pegs you can see in some photos, underneath the arms. If there are changes, we have yet to hear of them, and the pictures accompanying the figure still show the older style joints.
There are many other figures from the line’s history that are receiving a re-release as part of the Legacy banner. So far, Optimus Prime is the only Transformers character listed. It will be available at the usual online and physical stores. Allspark Sponsor BigBadToyStore has it listed for $49.99 pre-order, and other outlets have yet to list it, but are likely to do so shortly. It’s due for a September release.
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