Review: “Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye” #30 by James Roberts & Alex Milne

With Season 2 of MTMTE getting underway, with new characters along for the ride, we’re heading into familiar territory – space adventures, lots of questions, a few answers, and even more questions brought on by them. Which is all quite welcome, after the madness that was the Dark Cybertron event! Spoilers abound in this review, so be wary!
The issue starts off resuming Megatron’s trial,  and Megatron fires some shots, relaying a message via Ultra Magnus where he calls out Optimus’ prior attempt to have his memories checked, letting it be known that this was not justice. He attempts to make a request based on the laws of the land, but is interrupted by actual shots being fired, courtesy of the Seacons and Terrorcons. What follows is an attempt to extract Megatron from his trial, but he ultimately refuses.
This scene was really well-done, and the party-crashing was completely unexpected on my part. Megatron’s refusal, however, I did see coming. After all, if he joined in, we likely wouldn’t have him as captain of the Lost Light. Speaking of, it turns out that rank is actually Co-Captain, albeit a made-up rank to make Rodimus feel better.
That said, Rodimus is alive – he was simply off-screen during the last issue, and has been sulking about, until they call him out to identify his own corpse, which after some investigation, appears to be from the future.
We cut back to Optimus and Megatron – Optimus inquires if Megatron set up the legal loophole he’d invoked earlier, to be judged by the Knights of Cybertron as per some very obscure Luna 2 laws. (The aforementioned ‘laws of the land’.) Megatron intends to find the Knights, do a better job than Rodimus, find Cyberutopia for the Cybertronian race, and then face his judgement after making amends that way. Prime allows it, but on the condition that he reads a speech scripted by Optimus.
After these stories come to a head, we’re brought back to the one big plot point from last issue – the fact that bits of the Lost Light are disappearing, and now are in more full force. Enough that an evacuation order is issued, and after everyone leaves, the Lost Light disappears, and the issue ends there.
I’ve only barely scratched the surface of the issue here, because, well, it’s something you should experience for yourself. Roberts is in top form with his snappy dialogue, brief character-building cutaways, mystery hooks, and all those other things that have made fans of the series both praise and curse his name in the same breath. So get yourself out to a comic shop right now, or over to Comixology if you haven’t already!