Pangu and Paramount patch things up

Fans had cause for concern last week when it was announced that Chinese financial partner Beijing Pangu Investment Company had pulled out of a promotional deal with Paramount Pictures over concerns that the studio had not fulfilled their obligations in an arrangement concerning Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. Entertainment website Variety reports today that the two companies have resolved their disagreement and are working together again.
The Pangu Plaza hotel (pictured) is reportedly featured heavily in Age of Extinction, and had been seen in several ads for the film. Pangu had sought to have all use of their facility removed from the flick, which certainly would’ve delayed the movie’s Asian-market release by several weeks, if not longer.
Details of the disagreement and the terms of the settlement were not released to the public. Thankfully, all parties involved have agreed privately to settle the matter, and the two companies are back to work on making sure Transformers 4: Age of Extinction is a sure-fire hit. “Working with Pangu was fantastic and I want to put all this misunderstanding aside,” said director Michael Bay at a press conference announcing the news.
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