Pacific Rim Gets A Sequel, And An Extra Surprise

Last year’s Pacific Rim film definitely managed to scratch an itch that many Mecha and/or Kaiju fans felt in 2013. That itch was certainly scratched. But now what?

We knew that a sequel was always planned, right from the word ‘go’. We have exactly what we wanted, Pacific Rim 2.
The surprise? There’s also going to be an Animated Series. Fitting, given Pacific Rim’s roots. For a film based around two popular concepts in pop culture, and stemming from various manga and anime series,  particularly Japan, obviously, it now gets to come full circle.
The announcement was reported on SlashFilm this morning. The movie is due on April 7, 2017, and the animated series has yet to be given an estimated date, other than that it will debut ‘before the sequel’. That’s good news for fans, and also gives us hope that NECA will continue the wonderful line of movie figures to cover this new material.
Time will tell, but it’s looking like a bright future.
Thanks to Bleeargh001, who shared it with the forum here. Come sound off on what you’d like to see, and where’d  you like the film to head, in our forum thread for it, right here, and how close it will be to the concepts Del Toro teased to fans after the first film’s release.