Official Images of Age of Extinction Platinum Sets

The whole gang's here!

We’ve got official images of a trio of upcoming platinum figure sets from the AoE toyline! Check out the toys and info in the article itself!The name of the game with these figures is multi-sets with fancier-than-usual decos, and these three are no slouch!

  • First up is the Autobots United five-pack, with more movie-accurate redecos  of Evasion Optimus Prime and Hound (both Voyager), and Drift, Crosshairs, and modern Camaro Bumblebee (all Deluxes).
  • Second is the Age of Extinction Leaders 2-Pack, a translucent Optimus Prime and a darker recolor of Grimock. And as suggested by the set name, they’re both the leader class figures.
  • Lastly, there is a set called Breakout Battle, which has another redeco of Voyager Evasion Optimus Prime taking after his rusty early movie look, a redeco of DOTM Deluxe Crankcase as “Vehicon”, and a redeco of Generations Skids as Rollbar.

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