New Transformers 4: Age of Extinction Info Graphic from Fandango Reveals A Few New Characters

The Allspark and Fandango have teamed up to bring you not only information on the new Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, which opens today across North America, you can also buy your movie tickets from Fandango right here on The Allspark. Furthermore, we’ll be giving away some FREE tickets this weekend to see Transformers 4 so you can see it again! (Details Forthcoming)
Check out this infographic below and be sure to click the link to buy your tickets or movie gift cards online to avoid the long theater lines this opening weekend or click the images off to the right.
Update: Gotten a lot of feedback over this one.. apparently there’s a character in this info graphic that doesn’t exist. This is what I get for not seeing the movie on opening night. So.. Early concept? Red herring? We’ll see if we can find out more. We’ll assume for now that it’s probably just a goof on an otherwise fairly cool image.