New Photos Of Autobot Warriors Set, including Package Art

Thanks to a poster at we’ve seen some slightly larger pics of the Autobot Warriors 3 Pack, including our first look at the packaging artwork.

This set features Kup, Ratchet, and Perceptor, from Generations, Universe, and RTS respectively, all generally lumped together by fans. All are similar to their Henkei/United counterparts, but there are also some obvious differences, particularly with Ratchet. He has a new paint-scheme in vehicle mode, and some different coloured parts in robot mode, most likely a mix of plastic and paint, but probably edging more towards paint for a lot of it. The artwork looks fantastic, and really sells you on the pack.
These are still only small pics, but are the best we’ve seen so far, thanks to the box cover. The photos are mirrored here,  in a small gallery underneath the next sentence.
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