New High Resolution Images of Transformers 4: Lost Age Battle Command Optimus Prime now have a new product page for the upcoming Takara Tomy Transformers 4: Lost age/Age of Extinction Battle Command Optimus Prime. More over, this product page has a gallery of new, high quality images that make viewing the toy a breeze! The images show what now appear to be a brand new sculpt from head to toe and from cab to trailer. That’s right…we said trailer! This release of Optimus Prime tows a trailer that not only can be used to store your weapons and your One-Step Autobot cars, but also transforms into a flight pack for the Autobot Leader himself!
The figure is set for a July 19th release and is listed at 6,998 Yen or $68.61 USD.
Click here to see the listing on, and you can see the images mirrored below: